"Ugh fruit has so much sugar omg it will totes make me fat." NO. Fruit is very high in water and has little to no fat (with the rare exception of things like avocado… which is God’s gift to man so we should eat that anyway). The sugar it contains is natural sugars which are good for you.
Speaking of sugar, it has way less than things with added sugar. 1 whole cup of strawberries has about 7 grams, while 1 can of soda has about 30 grams on average. I’ll take my strawberries with some lemon squeezed on that because there simply isn’t enough fruit for me in just the strawberries.
Have you ever tasted pineapple? Yeah. That shit is delicious.
Fruit smoothie? You mean the healthy delicious treat that is the perfect amount of smooth and cold and is just the icing on the cake of a hot summer day? Yes. Please direct me to the nearest Jamba Juice.
Oh, so many pretty colors. I think even dogs can see that beautiful piercing pink of dragon fruit.
Antioxidants. All the antioxidants.
Weird is good. There are weird fruits. See this list for proof.  
There is lots of dietary fiber in fruit. Who doesn’t like pooping regularly AMIRIGHT?
There is no cholesterol, extremely low sodium, and low calories.
It all just tastes fucking delicious and if we are so paranoid that something as healthy as fruit is making us fat I am probably just going to leave society and live in the wilderness amongst the fruits. I will live with the fruit and I will eat it and be happy because it’s good and lets all just have a great day and eat some rambutans god bless.
I finished Fawn! I put detail in her dress and used 3-4 colors for every aspect of her (ie, chestnut, brown, and sunglow for her hair). I may have too much fun coloring…

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chazztity: I see you sushi love! I lived in Japan from the age of 6 to 16 and we used to have it on special occations. It is super delish!!

That is so awesome. A cousin of mine spent a couple years serving a mission there and learned how to speak the language, and since then, I’ve been enamored. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, so I’m super jealous that you lived there for ~10 years!! I bet authentic sushi from Japan was the most delicious sushi ever!


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