The Ones Who Are Crazy Enough by Alia Amira.


Happy Easter

To all my fellow fitblrs, whether your day is filled with worship or chocolate or both!

I’m having a really bad case of baby fever right now. I don’t want to wait 9 years to have my first baby. I want to get engaged now, married once I graduate, and then have a baby a year after ): I want a family and to call Rob my husband and start our lives.

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flexiblefit because Mochi is usually only available where there is an Asian population :/ I tried making Mochi once and I totally failed. Ice cream Mochi is my fav though. It’s so expensive but so worth it every once in a while

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I feel so full

I wanted fries and a milkshake for lunch, and mom made pan Asian (home made pad thai, dim sum, Vietnamese spring rolls, sushi, miso soup) and oh my gosh. And peanut Mochi and mango Mochi and I LOVE this. I am soooo full though.

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