Blending rooibos with star anise and cinnamon and a touch of clove. I’m really excited for this one

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My new life motto thanks to Mindy Kaling.
healthyhappyfitaussie Thank you!!! they are a “project runway” thingy. Idk. I got them at America’s Best (which assuming by your URL you don’t have) but that’s why the sticker said. I actually love them. They are big enough that I can see clearly through nearly all range of sight, even some peripheral vision which is awesome. I get compliments on then and how they are “perfect for my face” :P I think it’s because they match my eyebrow shape and that’s pretty rad.


no wonder I love them so much :P

Makes me feel good about going on banana island even if it is only for two days.
This accurately sums up how I feel at work today






Trying to hard boil eggs for the first time. So far not great.

it’s hard to tell from the pic, what went wrong? Undercooked? Tear while being peeled?
Want/need tips? I can provide if you want :)

Looks like one cracked.
Add a tbsp of vinegar to the water. What you want to do is place all the eggs in first, giving them enough room so that they don’t touch. Add room temp water, vinegar, and baking soda. Bring to a boil. Once they start boiling, turn the stove off, wait about 11 mins, then drain the water.

I’ve never tried the vinegar/baking soda method, though I have read about it. I just add salt (read: several tbsp) and do what you do cooking wise. I also use a lid but I don’t think it’s necessary. 
I also plop them in ice water for several minutes. Helps for peeling for insta-eating and speeds cooling for storage. 
Also, allegedly the eggs shouldn’t be new. Everywhere I’ve read advises to let them sit in the frig for a few days but…I don’t buy that.

Well all the salt does is raise the boiling point of the water so it allows the eggs to cook at a sightly higher heat.The problem is that the membrane is often attached to the white and the shell, so whe you start to peel the shell, if the membrane is still attached, it will start to pull apart too. As eggs age, the membrane thickens or something by a change in chemistry apparently and so the membrane is easier to tear from the white.Also it’s important to note that salt water obviuosly changes the osmotic pressure between egg and water. It’s hypothesized that in normal water, the egg will start t swell as the concentrations want to be “similar” to each other and the only way to do that is by the egg taking in more water, hence the crack. Adding salt, baking soda, vinegar, etc will change concentrations of the water so there is less osmosis happening and the egg is less likely to burst.Also vinegar starts to break down the shell, but not the membrane, of the egg so it may thin the shell and make it easier to peel, but Idk. All I know is I make pretty good eggs when I do it.I was always told that the vinegar helps the eggs keep their shape if they “explode” but I’ve never had an exploded egg, so tbh I don’t know.The way I know about it, the vinegar helps to thicken the egg whites if the shell breaks, and the baking soda or salt help to raise the pH to mimick “older eggs” in which the membrance is stronger and peels easier or something

<3 I feel I’ve learned a whole bunch right there. I’ll have to try the vinegar/baking soda next round and compare. 
Also, just wondering, do you pin prick the egg shell? I’ve always been told to pop a pin sized hole through the shell to avoid cracks and explosions. But with everything you’ve just said…it seems unnecessary if you add other things to the water?

I don’t do it. I’ve never had a problem. It makes sense, though, as an escape of pressure, but I’ve never had to!

I have BABY BANANAS! You cannot comprehend how long I’ve wanted baby nanners #healthy #bananas #babies #nom
"Really wish people cared more about understanding one another than fighting."Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

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WIFEY ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: I learned to make deviled eggs on the internet today. First time in my life I’ve ever hard boiled eggs even! Andrew doesn’t really like deviled eggs and neither do I but they taste the way they should and I’ve leveled up as an adult human. Now I can go to picnics or barbecues or holiday parties and contribute a gross appetizer no one wants. 😄 #100happydays #day13


devilled eggs are my favorite! they look wonderful!